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KTM/CityGate Atlanta along with other collaborating ministries, including Pray Georgia, have launched a new initiative, The Glory Net, to build an Altar of Worship across the state that creates a habitation for the Glory of the Lord. 


Our desire is to see groups from the multi-dimensional streams of the Body of Christ collaborate to corporately Build the Altar of the Lord. 


Please check out the vision and call to participation on The Glory Net webpage, and sign up today.  If you want to be included as a part of the list of "collaborating ministries", please reach out through the website and someone will be in touch with you to get your logo, website and other information. 


Let's build the Altar of the Lord TOGETHER and welcome The King of Glory to take His rightful place in our state! 


Revelation 7:9-10 TPT

After this I looked, and behold, right in front of me I saw a vast multitude of people—an enormous multitude so huge that no one could count—made up of victorious ones from every nation, tribe, people group, and language. They were all in glistening white robes, standing before the throne and before the Lamb with palm branches in their hands. 10And they shouted out with a passionate voice: “Salvation belongs to our God seated on the throne and to the Lamb!”