Pray Georgia

"Contending As One"

From Lynn Alderson, Georgia Apostolic State Prayer General

As the elections draw near, I am sensing a weightiness and responsibility to convene Governmental Gatekeepers throughout our state to CONTEND AS ONE for the destiny of our State and and our Nation. We are at a pivotal time in our Nation and our state plays a critical role as a battleground state.

Our goal is not to persuade the direction of any political party or candidate, but to align ourselves, our state and our nation with the Biblical principles that our Nation was founded upon. When Jon and Jolene Hamill came through Georgia during the Glory Procession in 2014, Jon prophesied that “Georgia was a Reconstitution State and would be pivotal to returning the United States to the Constitution.” Just one month later, Gary Beaton came into Georgia for a leaders meeting and told us we were like a “fulcrum”. A fulcrum is the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots; a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation.

It is time for GEORGIA to take HER SEAT as the Governmental Gate State.  With Jon’s word about us being a "Reconstitution State", Gary's word that we were a "Fulcrum" AND the word that Georgia’s prophetic destiny is that we are a “Governmental Gate State” (from the 50-State Tour with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets, July, 2003), we carry a powerful 3-stranded Governmental mantle to SHIFT and bring BREAKTHROUGH for the Kingdom of God!

When we take our KINGDOM SEAT as the EKKLESIA, we make a difference! We are God’s legislative assembly and we must come together in unity to see His Kingdom Come, His Will be Done in the State of Georgia and our Nation.  The Destiny of our State and our Nation hangs in the balance. As Kingdom Gatekeepers, we are taking the Keys of the Kingdom that he gave us…. will you join us?  Let's SECURE the SEATS for the Kingdom of God!!!

Georgia has 159 Counties! We are seeking County Gatekeepers who will commit to take their Kingdom seat to contend for the destiny of the State of Georgia and the United States of America. This commitment will require you to proclaim daily decrees as a representative of your County, and together, with other County Gatekeepers, secure our gates over this election cycle.  We hold the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and as Jesus declared in Matthew 16:18, all the powers of hell will not conquer His Church.  So let's take those keys, and saturate the State from every County, forbidding on earth that which is forbidden in Heaven and permitting on earth that which is permitted in heaven in accordance with Matthew 16:19, and commit to represent your County by signing up below as a Gatekeeper.

The Secure the Gates Initiative will begin on September 19th and end on November 2nd.  Decrees for both our Nation and our State will be released daily and we estimate a daily time commitment of 10 minutes to complete the decrees.  Thanks to our friends at Transformation Technology, we are facilitating this Initiative through the RISE Platform.  You will need to create an account and then join the Initiative.  Once you join, daily notifications with a link to the decrees for the day will be sent to you via email and mobile notifications (if you have an IPhone and you download the Rise App) through the RISE App.


Beginning September 19th 

through November 2nd


Monday, November 2nd, 8pm ET

SIGN UP as a

County Gatekeeper!

We are using Rise to mobilize everyone for the "Secure the Seats” Initiative. Once you sign up and join the Initiative, you will receive daily emails with a link to the decree for the day! To sign up a County Gatekeeper, CLICK HERE. Enter your account details to create an Account (or simply login if you already have an account) and then join the “Secure the Seats” Initiative.

Additionally, if you have an IPhone, you can download the Rise App, by following the instructions below from your IPhone.

  1. Download the app:
  2. Make sure to "Allow" notifications when prompted

If you have already set up 

an account on Rise:

  • Choose "LogIn"
  • Enter your account details
  • Navigate to "Pray Georgia" on Rise

If you are joining Rise 

for the first time:

  • Choose "Join Your Organization"
  • Enter the organization code "PRAYGA"
  • Fill in personal details to create an account

Once logged in, access the event "Secure the Seats" to join as a County Gatekeeper representing your County! Be sure once you choose your county to scroll down and click Join!

We are expecting breakthrough as we 

Appeal to Heaven for the 

Destiny of Georgia and our Nation!  

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