Pray Georgia

"Contending As One"



“Georgia, if you’re from Georgia stand up. You are the 4th state of this nation, and God says, “You’ll either break through this year, or you’re going to have some big problems in the next two years.” So from this time tonight we say, “Georgia breakthrough is on the way.” We say, “we will hear out of Atlanta that reconciliation and healing has broke out over Georgia.”

- Chuck Pierce, Apostle & Prophet, Glory of Zion

September 07, 2013 in Corinth, TX


"I heard the Lord say Georgia will cast the deciding vote in the next presidential election.” He also said “You will see Atlanta come into the news. The Lord says there are four cities in Georgia that I will put into the news where I will put the eyes of the nation upon it. And I am going to cause a new move of my Spirit to begin. Do not be afraid of the closed door. I can go behind closed doors and I can show up. Decree to the closed doors God is coming in and the Spirit of God is coming!" 

Chuck Pierce, Apostle & Prophet, Glory of Zion

October 3, 2013, Trenton, NJ